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2nd trimester: cravings

Why is it always pickles?!

It happened: I became a walking stereotype of a pregnant woman.

I was just walking down a random isle at the grocery store, when I saw it—the beautiful shelf full of pickles. Cravings are so wild, ’cause it’s almost as though you have an out-of-body experience as its happening. I scanned the shelves and found single-serve pickles, which I happily placed in my basket. I was especially thrilled that they had spicy pickles, as spicy foods have been very satisfying lately.

Discovering cravings has been strange, because I spent the beginning part of my pregnancy focused on all the foods that I suddenly DIDN’T want to eat. Most notable were shrimp and coffee—two of my all-time favourites. (I’m still crying about the delicious-smelling grilled shrimp a friend’s mom made during a summer BBQ that I didn’t partake in.)

I’ve had a bit of coffee recently, so I’m hopeful that shrimp is next on the menu. Fingers crossed!

Aside from pickles, some strange foods/food combinations I’ve had lately are:
– spicy sardines with scrambled eggs and rice
– spicy tuna with scrambled eggs and rice
– canned corn (like, and entire can), with butter, salt and pepper, and paprika
– roasted zucchini and eggplant, on their own, in a large quantity

I also became fixated on a cake that my father-in-law brought us MONTHS ago, and would not stop talking about it until I got my hands on another whole ass cake. I ate a slice for dinner, and kept eating it as dessert/a late night snack for the following 5(?) days.

Just today, about an hour before the end of my day, I asked my friends if they’d join me for diner brunch—at dinner. Lucky for me, they obliged, and I ate my fill of mini pancakes, eggs, sausages, and home fries. No one even complained when I asked them to document the moment for me! Thanks, Ketzia and Tiff!

So, moms and moms-to-be, what have been some of your strange cravings? Just trying to get a sense of what might be next for me. Pregnancy is wild.

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