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Pregnancy style: sticking to a uniform

Perhaps one of the simultaneously most annoying and fun things about becoming pregnant is that most of my old pants and skirts no longer fit, so I’ve had to shop for new pants and skirts to wear. NOT wearing bottoms isn’t an option for me, since it’s the middle of winter—otherwise, I may have just lived in a few maxi dresses for the duration of my pregnancy if the weather were more cooperative.

If you know me at all, you know I love to shop, so this wasn’t exactly a burden. However, I have certainly been trying to be mindful of the fact that I won’t be pregnant forever, so I’ve tried to be creative in my purchases, so that I can still get use of my pregnancy clothes post-pregnancy.

One of the staples of my pregnancy uniform has also been a staple in my wardrobe since I saw Hilary Duff wearing one in her So Yesterday music video in 2003 (I swear to god)—a blazer. Lucky for me, I already own a few (perhaps too many) blazers, all of which are oversized, so that worked out great.

A blazer has also been great to pair with the other half of my uniform: sweatpants. I opted for “fancy” ones that were a little easier to dress up, and made with a knit material that’s also been extra stretchy and cozy. Actually, the exact pair can be found at ZARA.

I bought them in two colours, and they’ve been on HEAVY rotation. I also sized up to give myself some room.

The only real maternity wear I’ve had to purchase so far have been maternity jeans, since my raw denim and mid rise jeans are pretty unforgiving, and those pants extenders are kind of trash, if you ask me, because you get to a point where you’ve just got a gaping hole where your zipper used to close, and it’s really uncomfortable to wear pants like that all day.

I’ve also been really lucky, in that almost all of my pre-pregnancy shirts still fit (for now, anyway), so I haven’t had to steer too far from my usual style. Even this Dr. Dre shirt—a FAVOURITE—from 2008, I think, still works!

Sticking to a uniform has been a game-changer, because I feel like every day is different, in terms of how I’m looking and feeling. Taking the guess work out of how I get dressed in the morning has really helped, especially on days where I haven’t necessarily felt my cutest. It’s nice to know that I’m at least going to like my outfit, even if I don’t exactly FEEL great in it at the time.

We’re about half way through at the moment, so just trying to resist the urge to buy more comfy cozy outfits, although I’m sure I’ll appreciate them when I actually have the baby. Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty good during this transition, and when I have been bummed about feeling heavier and not being able to wear all of the clothes in my wardrobe, I am comforted by the fact that all of my bags and shoes still fit me juuuuuuust fine.

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