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Happy 1st Birthday, Pablo!

Today, our sweet baby puppy turns ONE YEAR OLD! I cannot contain my simultaneous excitement and sadness, watching our Pablo become a 70+lb furball.

Although he hasn’t been with us for his first full year, he has certainly been a trip, and there have been days that it’s felt like he’s been with us for 10 years.

So far, he has survived:
-Potty training
-Needing to get his anal glands drained
-General tummy troubles
-Puppy school (we loved working with When Hounds Fly)
-Canine papilloma
-Multiple bath times

Despite all of this, he has also been an absolute JOY, and it’s hard to think of what we did with all of our spare time before he came around.

Also eternally grateful to the folks at Save Our Scruff for bringing Pablo into our lives!

We’ve got steak and a birthday hat (if he’ll wear it) planned for today’s festivities. I’m so excited!

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