Things I miss, don’t miss, won’t miss, and won’t forget

When quarantine first started, I read THIS article on Man Repeller, and I thought that it was a nice way to take stock of what we’ve lost and gained during the last few months. I wanted to start the series on my own blog, but of course, I had a baby and never got around to it.

Now that restrictions are starting to be lifted in Toronto, all the feels are coming up for me (perhaps because of hormones?), so I thought I’d post my version.

Things I miss:
– Brunch (surprise, surprise)
– My friends, and being able to see/hang out with them.
– Not having to wear a mask in public. I know that masks haven’t been made mandatory, but it just seems silly to take the chance, especially since THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC OUT THERE. Restrictions being lifted and good weather doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. Just saying.
– Lipstick. Just seems silly to wear it when I have to wear a mask.
– Being able to make plans for the future. Of course we’re still making plans, but there are so many things you can’t really plan for for the foreseeable future, like travel, or even dinner and drinks at a restaurant.

Things I don’t miss:
– Paying for brunch
– Crammed public transit during rush hour. To be fair, I also haven’t been on public transit since before the start of quarantine, so I have no idea what it’s like to get on a bus or subway right now.
– People coughing without covering their mouths. I feel like I was seeing this A LOT more than usual recently, but I imagine that COVID-19 has made people more cognizant of this behaviour. Hoping for better manner moving forward!
– Willful ignorance. THRILLED that so many people are educating themselves about racism, actively trying to become better allies, and supporting #blacklivesmatter!

Things I won’t miss:
– The constant worry.
– Feeling panicked when I leave the house without hand sanitizer.

Things I won’t forget:
-What a low-key blessing the first month of quarantine was for our little family. Being able to be together during Miles’ first month was nothing short of wonderful. I had the luxury of taking the time to physically heal because Kane was home to help me with Miles. It was also just so great to spend all of that time together, just the four of us, even though Pablo definitely missed socializing with other pups.

I can only hope that this pandemic is eradicated sooner rather than later, but I will always be grateful of that time we had.

Have you thought about things that you miss, won’t miss, and won’t forget once all of this is over?

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