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Miles and I have been going on daily walks (mostly with Pablo), but I finally took him out of his stroller today!

I’d been holding off on taking him out of his stroller because he’s too young for sunscreen, and I want to protect his little bod from sunburn. Also, I’m a bit of a paranoid mom. Sorry, I’m new.

However, I recently bought him THIS cute ass hat, so of course we had to take it out for a test drive. And would you look at my boy! I also didn’t want to pass up on a coordinated outfit photo-op. Thanks so much to my pal and Instagram husband Ketzia, who I got to socially-distanced hang with after two months of nothing but texts, calls, and FaceTime.

Also low-key glad I got to take my new sneakers out too. I bought them pre-quarantine, thinking of all the cute, postpartum brunch outfits I’d be wearing. Little did I know, I would be confined to a 2km radius and brunches would be a no-go. It’s okay, though. At least we have outside!

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