Daydreams during social distancing: Food edition

If you know me, you know that I am a big fan of coffee, brunch, and most all things food.

You can imagine, then, that one of my very first first-world concerns when I heard the news about social distancing was what that would mean for my very brunch-heavy lifestyle. Of course, the bigger picture here is that many of the establishments I frequent are independently owned, and may be hurting right now, as they’ve been urged to close their doors and discourage us all from going out.

While I may not be able to spend $$$ at these places currently, I did want to highlight some of my favourite places in some way, in the hopes that when we get through this, we can all head out, enjoy each other’s company, and hit up some of these spots and enjoy DELISH foods.

So check them out—I am including links to all of their websites. Follow them on social, show them some love, and start making a list of who you’re visiting first!

I can’t wait.

Baddies (and COPS Donuts)
They serve some of the best avocado toast I’ve ever had. Make sure you add a poached and bacon if you’re feeling crazy. My brunch choices at Baddies may be the #1 contributor to my inability to buy a home in Toronto. *Eye roll*

A New York Italian spot that serves an entire ball of BURRATA on top of your pasta. i would leave it at that, but they also have many other amazing menu items you should try, if copious amounts of cheese isn’t your deal. (Kind of judging you if it isn’t, though.)

Good Neighbour
They make a mean oat milk latte, serve some tasty treats, and sell great books. Their staff is also always so welcoming and friendly! They have it all, including free wifi.

Rustle & Still
Everyone at the shop has come to know and love the people and the treats at Rustle & Still. My personal recommendation is their purple sweet potato latte. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, and it is YUMMY.

*Writing these descriptions is making me realize that I am not cut out to be a food critic. However, I don’t have a bad word to say about these places, and “yummy” is as good an adjective to describe their menus, as far as I’m concerned. I might just stick to links below.

Saving Grace

The Loveless Cafe


An absolute GEM of a place I discovered, thanks to Sasha Exeter. I dream about their jam ricotta toast. I tried to make my own yesterday, and it only made me crave theirs more. Mine was basically trash by comparison.

Le Gourmand

Daily Grind
When we lived in this neighbourhood, Kane and I were excited that an ice cream shop was opening less than a block from our apartment. I was even more excited when I discovered that they were expending and opening a coffee shop as well.

Daily Grind bakes some tasy-ass pastries, in-house, and has the kind of stellar service that makes you feel special when you’re there. Knowing they wouldn’t be less than a block away from our apartment when we moved was honestly such a bummer.

Le Baratin

Lakeview Diner

Safehouse Coffee

Early Bird

White Brick Kitchen


Tampered Press
This cafe has been home to many work dates and many, many iced lattes over the years. Also, can’t beat that park view.

Sunset Grill
Might be a chain of brunch spots, but sometimes, you just diner food, you know?

Glory Hole

Old School

Lady Marmalade

Filipino food your get to eat with your hands! But please wash your hands before and after, thanks.


I know that I have missed quite a few places, and I will try and update this list in the next day or so. In the meantime, are there any places that you this everyone should know about? Comment below! Let’s support local businesses in any way we can.

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