3rd trimester: what is even happening right now?!

*DISCLAIMER: There are a lot of belly shots in this post, because I’m basically overwhelmed by my belly right now.

It’s official–this “tiny” invader now feels enormous, and I don’t even know what to do with myself half the time. I DID, however, finally get to balance something on my belly, which has truly been a goal since I found out I was pregnant.

One of the photos above was taken before I “popped.” I used a fake belly that was available in the maternity store’s fitting room. The other was taken recently, and it’s even more comical, ’cause my belly is very real and very large.

My feet are also vanishing right before my eyes! I have not slept in a fully horizontal position in WEEKS, because of acid reflux, and I constantly feel like this baby is about to burst through my abdomen, Alien-style. Some stretch marks have also made an appearance, mostly on one side of my belly, ’cause OF COURSE this kid only wants to hang out and kick around in one spot.

It’s strange, because I simultaneously feel like nothing new is happening, but also that everything is happening now. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but if it did, would I be calling it strange?

Everyone keeps telling me how close I am to the end, and it is both exciting and terrifying to think that in a few short weeks, Kane and I will have an IRL baby. I also already know that I will miss being pregnant, despite the acid reflux and the back pain. It’s such a wild experience, and I never thought I would enjoy it, but I have to say, it’s been mostly alright.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the birth part of this whole process, though. Ugh.

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