Before it got cold (again)

Sometimes, you put on a cute outfit and document it, even if you aren’t actually going anywhere, and there is no way in hell you’d actually wear those boots out of the house now, ’cause you tried that once a few weeks ago and nearly walked barefoot on campus to get some relief.

I really was feeling myself, and this outfit. I will likely wear this once I’m back at school (the students have reading week, so I’m on staycation-ish! Yay!), but perhaps with sneakers, or a much more practical boot. I also think that this outfit is more of a subtle flex to myself, because all of these pieces were pre-pregnancy clothes I owned, and everything still fits! Full disclosure, though, that vest has buttons on the sides that are 100% undone, so that the front button can actually close, otherwise, there would be no way.

As someone who has always loved fashion, and having my own personal style, maintaining that part of myself was really important to me during this pregnancy. There are so many variables and unknowns that have come our way every day, that I just wanted one thing to stay the same, so that I could still feel some semblance of normalcy while simultaneously being on one of the wildest rides of my life. I feel SUPER LUCKY that I have gotten to do just that, and it’s helped me keep my spirits up when I’ve felt like I am just not looking my best, or when I catch my reflection and get hit with shock almost, that there is a protrusion in front of me.

Even taking these photos made me feel like my “old self,” even though I purposely brought out one of our dining chairs to use as a prop so I wouldn’t have to stand and pose. I guess this is part of that self-care I was talking about before?

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