It’s my favourite time of year.

It really isn’t, though. I hate cold weather.

Admittedly, I was sort of excited to wear this knitted sweat suit again, ’cause it’s so cozy. However, I was really unhappy about having to wear a full on coat already. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wear it until December, but that was mostly wishful thinking.

I feel like I’m opting for cozier outfits lately, because I’m an emotional dresser, and comfy clothes keep me relaxed. I’m a bit more stressed these days because of wedding planning and all of that. I’d never thought of myself as much of a planner before, which is probably why I’m feeling all of the stress so early in the game. What I’m currently working on is just taking a break from over-thinking and trying to enjoy the moment. Friends, help a sister out — how do you deal with stress? All tips are very welcome!

Outfit details:
Coat and bag – Forever XXI
Knitted sweat suit – H&M
Sneakers – Nike

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