I said, “Duh, obviously!”
It feels like yesterday that I was talking to my friends about some guy I met at work (who I was SO SURE only saw me as a friend), and now I’m marrying him.

About a week ago, Kane proposed in front of our families, in what can only be described as the biggest/best surprise of my life.

How could I say no to this guy?
Under the guise of dinner and drinks with two of my best friends, Ronnie and Amanda, I walked into a proposal, and I had NO IDEA Kane was planning any of it. I’d always said that no one had ever thrown me a surprise party, and boy did Kane deliver! I was in shock for maybe three days, and I’m still not entirely certain that all of it is real.
I’d also said in the past that I didn’t like the idea of being proposed to in front of an “audience” — I mean, what did I know? I’d never been proposed to before! — but both of our families being present was actually so so so so wonderful, and I loved that we got to celebrate with them immediately after. I’m not often speechless, as you may have guessed, but I still can’t really find the words. I will say though, that I’m so excited for this next chapter with my ride-or-die. I still cannot believe that the guy who always gives me my presents two weeks early because he’s always too excited to keep a secret/surprise is the same guy who planned all of this for WEEKS without me knowing! Low key, I might have developed a few trust issues because of this. Haha. Just kidding! You did good, pal.
Here are a bunch of photos from that night:
VERY rare PDA, but I think it was appropriate for the occasion.

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