Today is June 1st. Granted, it isn’t quite summer yet, but it was actually chilly again today. CHILLY.
But seriously, to all of my non-Toronto pals, it was actually kinda cold today, and there was a moment I regretted wearing a dress that exposed my bare legs. In any case, I’ve worn open-toed shoes and rocked bare legs far too often this season already to turn back now. I will resist any urge to bundle up, layer (heavily), and—now this one is a HUGE question mark, because I really do want to wear one almost always—avoid wearing my leather jackets. Toronto friends, how are you dealing with this hot/cold/hot/cold weather?
Outfit details:
Sunglasses – Cole Haan
Lipstick – “Sin” by MAC
Jacket – Forever21
Dress – JOE Fresh
Shoes – H&M

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