I may not look all that pleased in this photo, but I am! Spring has sprung and I’ve finally put my winter boots away. What a relief. Here are the shoes giving my feet weird tan lines this season!
I’ve always thought that shoes can make or break an outfit, but the cheap/broke student in me also believed that one or two great pairs of basic shoes that went with most outfits was probably the most economical option. Perhaps having a few extra dollars in my pocket has liberated my inner shoe lover?
Side note: Putting together this post also forced me to take inventory of all my stuff, and MAN DO I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF. I don’t even know what happened—I never even used to like shoes all that much. No complaints, though. I manage my ever-growing pile of clothes, shoes, and accessories by donating, consigning, and selling things I no longer want to second-hand shops like the Kind Exchange. How do you keep your closet under control?

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