Kane really hates it when I sit on our dining table.

However, when he’s not home, I do what I want. Actually, I was waiting for him to get home, so I decided to shoot this outfit.

It was day two of spring-like weather here in Toronto yesterday, so naturally, it occurred to me to wear faux fur. I mean, it’s still February, and it’s not like this jacket’s especially warm, so I figured, why not?

Sundays are always the best/worst because you’ve got a whole day of weekend left, but then it’s Monday. Boo. I got a few (emphasis on few) chores done, then got my nails did in time for our mini Montreal vacation. I love a white mani, and I also have the tendency to become incredibly extra, so I bought a cute phone case to match, as if I need any more bloody phone cases. So looking forward to getting away from the city for a bit, not to mention Kane and I are finally traveling together for the first time! I’m hoping to get some good photos from our trip to share with you, so stay tuned for that.

Also, happy family day!

Outfit details:
Faux fur jacket and phone case – Urban Outfitters
Hat – Aritzia
Hoodie – H&M
Jeans – JOE Fresh
Shoes – Nike
Lipstick – MAC liquid lipstick in shade “ess-presso”

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