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No filter

Honestly, it’s been a shitty day. I haven’t showered, my laundry’s piling up, nothing on my LONG to-do list is getting done, and you may not be able to tell, but I am covered in a fine layer of baby drool. There may also be baby poop under my one fingernail—I can’t be sure. This […]


Making it work

I’ve always had to be resourceful when it comes to taking my outfit photos. On this day, I discovered that my kid’s stroller (well, the cup holder attached to the stroller), my phone, and my watch works as a photoshoot setup! Of course, this only works if my kid cooperates—and he did. ‘Cause he was […]



Summer is basically over, and I want to cry. I have had a pretty great summer. Sorry if that sounded brag-y, but it’s true! Most of my summer was spent either in water, or somewhere water-adjacent, which to me, is basically paradise—even if said water is in the local, public swimming pool. I can’t really […]