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Mom bod

I, like most people I know, am not immune to feelings of insecurity. I remember wondering if people thought that I looked bloated in that photo from the beach. Looking at the photo now, I looked totally fine, but I was hyper-aware of my belly, because I’d already found out that I was pregnant about […]

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First day back

Today (as the title of this post suggests) was my first day back teaching, after a glorious couple of weeks off for the holidays. It’s kind of crazy to think that after this semester is over, I won’t be teaching again until NEXT YEAR. Until then, however, I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunities […]

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2019 “Top nine”

I’ve always thought that looking at my Instagram “Top nine of X year” was silly, although my vanity has almost always won over just enough to make me check, but not post, the results. This year, however, I’m posting because aside from a photo of me and a burrata pizza, there seemed to be a […]

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Pregnancy style: sticking to a uniform

Perhaps one of the simultaneously most annoying and fun things about becoming pregnant is that most of my old pants and skirts no longer fit, so I’ve had to shop for new pants and skirts to wear. NOT wearing bottoms isn’t an option for me, since it’s the middle of winter—otherwise, I may have just […]

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2nd trimester: cravings

It happened: I became a walking stereotype of a pregnant woman. I was just walking down a random isle at the grocery store, when I saw it—the beautiful shelf full of pickles. Cravings are so wild, ’cause it’s almost as though you have an out-of-body experience as its happening. I scanned the shelves and found […]

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Maternity leave might be scarier than giving birth

Today, I told my boss that I was having a baby. She was happy for me, and offered advice and support. Despite all of this, however, I still felt like I was giving two weeks’ notice to a job I love and have dreamed about, without any safety net for the future, even though taking […]

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Oh shit…

  par·a·site /ˈperəˌsīt/ noun     An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. Oh god, I’m pregnant. I would be lying if I said that seeing those two lines didn’t completely freak me out. To be quite honest, I […]