#NS2022 February Update

A little better this time.

I actually can’t believe it, but I made it without shopping this month. In fact, I even returned something I purchased in January!

I wish I could attribute my recent success to my unwavering will-power, but that would be a giant lie. What I do think helped me, however, was the “February GRWM” series I posted to IG Reels and TikTok.

Creating content isn’t always easy, even if you’re just doing it for fun. However, I gave myself this mini project in the hopes of helping me acknowledge that I have a sizeable wardrobe. It’s so easy for me to excuse excessive shopping under the guise of “having nothing to wear,” or “needing new clothes for the season,” when in reality, I did not once, in 28 days, repeat an outfit. It wasn’t even hard to do. That’s not a flex, by the way. That’s just proof that I a) shop too much, b) do not need new clothes, and c) do have many, many things to wear.

While I would like to continue to create this type of content, I certainly won’t be doing it every day like I did last month. I already have a bunch of ideas—none of which include buying new clothes. Thank god.

So, what have spent my money on, if not on clothes? Well, some bedroom furniture, coffee, brunches, dinner, and a tattoo!

And that’s it—that’s the update! If you’re also limiting your clothes shopping in 2022, let me know! I’d love some tips, ‘cause your girl is out here struggling!

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