#NS22 January Update

We did it, Joe! Month one, done!

Unfortunately, what we did not do, is not shop. Crying and laughing as I type, because January was an all-out failure. I shopped so much.

I’ve got to keep it real with you, since I decided to take you on this journey with me. January was not an easy month because I was sad, and also had by birthday conveniently coming up (tomorrow), so I felt justified in my purchases ’cause they were ~*birthday gifts to myself*~. Let’s just take some inventory and cry together, shall we?

In my defence, these boots have already gotten a lot of wear, so they’ve definitely filled a gap in my wardrobe? This specific style of Docs (Audrick platform) also have a soft leather upper, so breaking them in was pretty easy—just two blisters!

Photo via VSP Consignment

Truly the trousers of my dreams! I haven’t taken an outfit photo wearing these Comme Des Garçons drop crotch trousers yet, but they did make their debut on TikTok.

The third item I purchased was a leather harness from a local brand, Uncuffed Leather. I’m not going to share a photo of the exact harness I bought, ‘cause I was to create some content and a blog post when I receive my package, but please note that I am SO EXCITED.

A camel coat! This piece absolutely fills a wardrobe gap, and it was over 50% off at H&M. This purchase, I don’t feel too bad about.

Last but not least—and an honourable mention since it’s not exactly shopping—but I did treat myself to a cut and colour. Actually it was more of a trim and tone, but it made me (and my dry-ass hair) feel refreshed!

Now that that’s all out of the way, we’re going to start fresh with a new month, and some new found motivation. Let’s go!

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