A week in outfits, part 3

Another week, another set of outfits.

Admittedly, I had to skip about 2 weeks of outfits, because I just wasn’t wearing anything—and not in a sexy way, either. My stress hives took me out of commission for 2 weeks during the new year, so I was basically in bed, and mostly nude, ’cause it was literally painful to wear clothes. But now I’m back! So here we go.

Outfit details: PJ set – H&M

The above outfit was one of my first, post-hive outbreak. Went for my favourite dressy, “Dior-esque-but-really-from-H&M” pjs. The rest of the outfits are a mix of things I wore to run errands, and to work from home.

Outfit details: Beanie & T-shirt – Uniqlo | Scarf – H&M | Leather jacket & coat – ZARA | Jeans – Agolde | Bag – Aritzia | Shoes – Nike
Outfit details: Blazer – ZARA | Shirt & pants – GAP | Slippers – The North Face
Outfit details: Beanie – H&M | Green jacket – Banana Republic | Coat & pants – GAP | Shoes – Nike
Outfit details: Shacket – Aritzia | T-shirt – Nike | Jeans – GAP

The theme of this week is definitely comfort over anything else. Tried to keep everything comfy/cozy, to avoid irritating my skin, and I mostly succeeded.

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