A week in outfits, part 2

A “week” may be inaccurate, but we’re going to ignore that.

Outfit details: Sweat suit – Aritzia | Shoes – The North Face

Alright, so I’m not entirely sure what happened here, but this “week in outfits” post got buried and forgotten in my drafts. These outfits were also taken a few weeks apart, but at this point, we’re just going to roll with it for the sake of content.

Outfit details: Suit – ZARA | T-shirt – Urban Outfitters | Shoes – Nike

The above outfit is a personal favourite, and the sunlight that day was also just *chef’s kiss* perfection, so I had to share two shots.

Outfit details: Beanie – Uniqlo | Faux fur jacket – Urban Outfitters | Sweat Suit – H&M
Outfit details: Blazer – GAP | Pants – ZARA | Shoes – Nike
Outfit details: Hat – Nike | Coat – ZARA | Bag – Aritzia | Shoes – Nike
Outfit details: Vest – H&M | Bag – Rebecca Minkoff | Leather jacket – ZARA | Leather pants – Danier | Boots – Blundstone

I’m looking forward to posting these more consistently, since I’m going to have to shop my own closet for the foreseeable future. “New” outfits are hopefully going to get a little more creative, and overall, I’m just looking forward to re-discovering my personal style again.

Pregnancy, postpartum, working from home with a baby, and now another lockdown of sorts has really affected my style, what I’m comfortable wearing, and how I approach getting dressed in general. However, I know that there’s a way to find some balance between the old and the new—literally digging into my old-old and old-new wardrobes to figure that out is going to be a fun exercise.

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