No shopping 2022

Saving $$$ in 2022 (hopefully).

In 2017 an old classmate and journalist, Arti, shared that she would be participating in a “no shopping challenge.” I also participated and wrote about it on the blog, but ultimately caved in April when Kane and I eloped and needed to shop for outfits, rings, etc.

Now it’s been a few years since that challenge, and while I hadn’t thought about ever trying it again, I think 2022 sounds like a good year to revisit the “no shopping challenge.” I haven’t really had a need to shop for much, because of a pandemic, being mostly WFH, and my day-to-day life being what it is. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped me from spending $, and I would love to change that, even if it’s just to be able to say that I did it!

Of course, to keep me accountable, I will be laying down some ground rules and updating my progress via blog post every month.

So, some rules:
1) Keeping it simple and limit spending to necessities—this effectively eliminates most clothes, accessories, and shoes (cue tears). Knowing me, this is going to be REALLY HARD, so I’m going to at least make sure that if I do spend $ on clothes, that I’m buying something that actually fills a void in my wardrobe, and is a piece I plan to keep, basically forever.
2) For complete transparency, I did receive some gift cards for Christmas, so I will be sharing when I use those.
3) I feel like this is going to be really tough too, but I’m going to try and cut down on family food orders.
4) I already got my shellac manicure removed a few weeks ago, so we’re just going to keep that going and be sans mani in 2022.
5) I will NOT, however, put any limits on spending around experiences. As it stands, we BARELY do anything/go anywhere now, so when it’s safe, I would love to go out to eat/the movies/museums/indoor play gyms for Miles/etc.

And that’s it! Keeping it simple. I’ll post every month about my progress, challenges, and break-throughs, and if you’re inspired at all to try, please feel free to leave a comment to share your journey with me too!

That’s all she wrote—for now. Happy New Year!

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