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Added another permanent thing to my body

I know, I know—I JUST wrote about getting a tattoo on my hand, and suddenly I’m back again with another “permanent addition to my body”?!?! Skipped the tattoo machine for a micro laser this time, though.

Before we get to the actual sparking, I feel I have to talk about the lobby bar at the Shangri-La Hotel, because it was amazing. The food, the cocktails, and the vibes were immaculate. It’s certainly more of a special occasion spot for common folk like myself, ‘cause $$$, but for a birthday treat—as was the case on this day—it was lovely.

The epitome of luxury—individual glass bottles of mayo for everyone at the table to dip their truffle fries.

Alright, back to the jewelry.

I’ve been a fan of Leah Alexandra for a long time. In fact, I wore one of their rings as a part of my wedding accessory look. I’ve also always loved the idea of getting a permanent bracelet and doing it with friends or family—what can I say, I’m a sentimental fool!

They had a Spark Studio pop up in Toronto this summer, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it out. So, when I saw that they were getting a permanent location inside the Shangri-La, I planned a girls’ night out with my cousins as a mini celebration for one of their birthdays!

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First, we chose our chains. They have sterling silver, 10k, and 14k gold options, ranging from $75-$315. Once you choose the style you want, one of their associates gets your chain sized to fit your wrist perfectly, before they weld it on with their micro laser. They also had little stone options to add to your bracelet, but I opted to keep mine simple.

In case you were wondering: this is a completely pain-free process. The laser never makes any contact with the skin, but you do see a little spark, which is fun.

I love the addition of this understated piece of jewelry to my day-to-day situation. I also don’t really ever take off my everyday jewelry, so having something permanently welded on didn’t seem like such a wild concept.

I got a few questions about my experience on TikTok, so let me just address it here as well, in case combing through comments isn’t your thing.

  • Do you need to make an appointment? I believe appointments are preferred, but they made mention that walk-ins are welcome on their social media (I would opt for an appointment if you’re not down to chance it and wait if they’re busy).
  • Will they beep in airport security? According to the Leah Alexandra team, “They are 100% fine through airpor security as they are solid gold or silver 🙂 it’s only belt buckles or costume type jewelry that is magnetic.”
  • Will it tarnish in the shower? I can’t speak to the ~science~ of this, but I wear all my jewelry in the shower and my gold pieces are still shiny and gold!
  • Do they last? Again, can’t really speak to longevity, as I got mine last week, but someone who’s had theirs for close to a year left a comment to say that their piece is still on, and that they’ve never had any issues!

And here we all are! A couple of sparked gals taking one last group (hand) photo before going our separate ways.

I would definitely recommend this experience to my fellow jewelry-lovers out there. I’m hoping to come back again, hopefully for my birthday. Big hint to you, if you know me personally and are reading this right now. Thanks in advance!

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