Got a hand tattoo so people know that I’m cool, even during long-sleeve season(s).

A little while ago, I brought Miles to the [tattoo] shop to visit and it was a time, for sure—especially because I also got a tattoo while we were there!

My tattoo shop family will tell you that I was ITCHING to get tattooed, pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy. But of course, getting tattooed is a pregnancy no-no, so I impatiently waited through postpartum healing and pandemic lockdowns before I could get more permanent doodles on my body.

While this was my fourth(!) tattoo since having Miles, this was the first time he tagged along, and it was an experience that I didn’t realize I would enjoy so much! I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to Ketzia for coming through like a real MVP and keeping my kid entertained. Hearing Miles yell, “Pablo!” while pointing to a dog Ketzia drew on herself was outside of my usual tattoo experience. It was also pretty funny to watch him “tattoo” her with a pen and learn how to use a ring light—for post-tattoo photos, of course!

For inquiring minds—no, there is no real significance to this tattoo. According to my TikTok, I did it for the serotonin.

Miles even got a tattoo that was just like mama’s (with skin-safe stencil ink)!

As always, I have to give props to my HeartStrong Tattoo family for a) humouring my dumb tattoo ideas, and b) for being absolute chill individuals and letting Miles run around and wreak havoc at the shop for a little while.

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