A week(ish?) in outfits

Could actually be more like 2 weeks, but who’s really keeping track?

Starting to go outside with some regularity has been really great. And even though not a single person has asked, I will now show you what I’ve been wearing to various outings lately.

Wore the above outfit to go to the mall. I feel as though by “dressing up,” I have reverted back to my youth, when going to the mall was an event.

The velvet robe, leather pants, and thermal (outdoor) slippers outfit below was worn to a celebratory brunch—although as far as I’m concerned, all brunch is celebratory, right?

These next two outfits were worn for leisurely strolls/errands. After two(?) years, I caved and bought myself a shacket. This was a decision I justified by making sure it wasn’t in a “teddy” material or plaid. Pretty happy about my choice.

My goal with the matching set is to wear it separately with “so many things,” so perhaps that should be my next post? We’ll see.

I was very pleased to wear this dress, ‘cause I thought I’d lost it during a move. Wore this outfit to the office and cosplayed as a professional for the day.

Where I went, wearing this monochrome moment almost slipped my mind, but as I was typing that I couldn’t remember where I wore this, it came back to me. I wore this to do laundry. Yes. You read that correctly.

And last, but not least, two more “day at the office” outfits. I’d like to send a special shoutout to the second outfit because we love a leather suit! Also added a bonus photo of my day-to-day accessories because I’ve been especially happy about my various stacks lately.

See you next week (hopefully), for the second instalment of this series? Maybe?

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