Scrolling, scrolling

Look, a fun style post!

I’ve wanted to write in my blog more, but every time I’ve found a few minutes to hop on and type, I’ve found myself gravitating towards other things. Soon, the idea of putting together a blog post started to feel like a chore.

Writing about my life has always been an outlet I’ve relied on—especially during stressful times. However, with my life currently being 85% stress, writing about it has become KIND OF a bummer. So I thought I’d write about something fun one time: ~Style inspiration~

Here’s a quick roundup of people I follow for their killer style. I used to follow people whose style I felt best reflected my own, or that I want to emulate, but now that just seems kind of boring to me. Sure, I’ve taken style cues from all of these people, but what keeps me following them is their unique point of view that I’m just happy to watch and engage with.

Charmaine does what I always pictured myself doing when I was a kid—playing dress up and having fun with fashion. She loves a theme and isn’t afraid of colour or pattern, and a charmsie post is always a welcome sight on my IG news feed.

Karen hits a lot of style points that I try to abide by, and has a wonderful knack for remixing her clothes in unexpected ways. Also, her house is AMAZING.

This duo really knows how to put together a monochromatic look, and their outfit recipes aren’t too different from mine, so their a great resource for when I feel like my outfits are getting a little ‘blah.’

Crystal dresses how I wish I could, with an attitude I wish I had. Period. Every outfit is truly *chef’s kiss*

Followed for the sneaker collection; stayed for the style. So so good, always.

I feel like Bryanboy is the honey badger of fashion, ’cause he just doesn’t seem to give a fuck, and I just love that. I’ve been following Bryanboy since the early days of fashion blogs, and he’s an OG I never got tired of. Also, always have to support Filipinos doing cool shit—and what’s cooler than buying a life-sized cut out of yourself from Amazon?

My wardrobe could never. Also, I am fully invested in Amanda’s fashion knowledge and I love that she frequently points out and references the collections that helped shape current trends.

I will probably never write a style roundup without including the Olsen twins. This fan account also influenced me to buy a pair of Tevas a la MK. They are style goals, forever and always.

Wow, this felt really good. Might have to take a break from mom life content and refocus on style for a little while. This was fun!

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