Crop top

She’s baaack!

Okay, okay, okay. That’s more like it! Sun, warmth, and the momentary confidence to bust out a pre-Miles crop top demanded some photo documentation.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban | Blazer and jeans – ZARA | Shirt and sneakers – Nike | Belt – H&M

I’ve been making an effort to actually get dressed lately, ‘cause I am officially back to work—from home—but still! I started a FRIGGING EXCITING job last week, putting an abrupt, albeit welcome, end to my maternity leave.

All of my “face-to-face” work interactions are via Zoom calls, but I get dressed head-to-toe to get in the zone. In another life, I would have absolutely opted for a clean t shirt and pj bottoms moment, but working full-time and being home with Miles full-time has required a few survival tactics to get me in work mode.

It has been such a delight having interactions with other adults become a part of my day-to-day again. The challenges of WFH with a baby are also very real, but we’re making it work.

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