A little show and tell about my favourite sneakers.

I was inspired by a Common Ace newsletter I received, and I wanted to share one of my favourite sneaker silhouettes: the Nike Daybreak.

Before the Daybreaks even entered my radar, I was a lover of the Blazer mid silhouette. Still am. Both styles are incredibly versatile, and each have come in many a fire colour way. However, generally speaking, I think I gravitate towards a low cut sneaker, which is why it was easy to buy the Daybreaks in different colour ways.

If you know me, then you know there are few things I’m loyal to. I’m forever in search of a hair stylist, which is how I end up with wild cuts and even wilder bleach jobs. I frequent the same nail salon, but have no issue switching nail techs so long as I can get the time slot I need. I also almost never buy the same sneaker twice. That’s not a flex—I just mean that even when I really love a sneaker (hello Nike Air Max 270), once I wear them out, I don’t think to replace them with the same style.

Listen, I am not a sneaker head, and I don’t have an impressive “collection,” so I think owning three pairs of the same shoe but in different colours means I must really like it, right?

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