Baby art attack

Our baby is an artist! Sort of, I guess?

Okay, so I am an emotional mess about Miles turning one in a few weeks, but I am also having the most fun watching him play and enjoy activities that we do together—namely arts and crafts.

I loved crafts as a kid, and I still do now, which is why it’s been such a joy introducing Miles to painting. The best part—there is little to no mess to clean up!

This craft is SUPER SIMPLE and inexpensive. I purchased everything at the dollar store, so if by chance Miles wasn’t about it, I wouldn’t have just spend $$$ on craft supplies. I also posted a TikTok video of the first time we tried this, but I though why not write a blog post too!

What you’ll need:

  • Some paper or canvases (I used a regular sheet of paper the first time we did this, but I prefer the canvas)
  • A ziplock bag large enough to fit your piece of paper or canvas
  • Paint (I used tempra paint because it’s easier to clean—just in case. A non-toxic brand is also ideal, again, just in case)
  • Tape


  • Choose your colours. (I usually “ask” Miles what colours he’d like to use by holding the tray of paints in front of him and letting him pick up a few of the paint containers.)
  • Dab paint onto canvas. This is where you can get creative with colour placement and how much paint you want to use. I would suggest being generous with your dabs/blobs, because you want your baby to be able to squish the paint and spread it around.
  • Once you’ve added the paint to your canvas, carefully place it inside a ziplock bag. Seal the bag.
  • Use the tape to secure the bag onto a table top or other flat surface (I used Miles’ high chair and tray table)
  • Guide baby by tapping canvas, or running their hand over the plastic to feel the paint underneath.
  • Have fun watching your baby make art!
  • Once your baby’s finished, carefully remove the canvas from inside the ziplock bag, and use the bag as a drying mat for your canvas. Et voilà!

I should also note that you can rinse and reuse the ziplock bag!

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but if you’ve tried it, feel free to comment—I’d love to know how it went! Now BRB, going to try and remember my old Pinterest login to search for more craft ideas.

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