The only resolution I’m making for 2021.

Maybe I’m just giving into the endless pit of despair that has been this year, but I’ve decided to abandon “needing an occasion” to wear my clothes.

Weather permitting, I will now just wear what I like to grab coffee, or to the grocery store—the only two places I go these days. And if weather does not permit, I will just wear my clothes inside and hope I don’t ruin anything with baby projectile.

Hat & jacket – Uniqlo | Velvet robe & hoodie – ZARA | Bag – Aritzia | Jeans – Old Navy | Sneakers – Nike

Kicking off this New Year’s resolution early by stepping out for a coffee in this very extra velvet robe. I layered underneath, as not to freeze to death, but the drapery vibes I’m getting really makes me happy. And I guess that’s the point?

Whether we like it or not, the reality of our current situation is looking like any occasion to gather or dress up are going to be few and far between, if at all. So, in an attempt to end this year and start the next on even a bit of a high, I’m bringing back the joy of dressing up for myself. I’m actually already getting a lot of wear out of this robe—I even wore it at home, just for fun. Loved it.

Hat & coat – GAP | Waffle knit set – Aritzia | Boots – Massimo Dutti
T-shirt – GAP | Sweatpants – Aritzia

Also, living exclusively in sweats has been fun, but the novelty is starting to wear off.

Happy Holidays! See you next year!

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