Cozy mom

Aaaand, it’s cold.

Winter is easily my least favourite time of year. However, I do appreciate the layering opportunities. Here’s a bit of my “same same, but different” approach to style this week.

Hat, socks, & sneakers Nike | Leather jacket – ZARA | Scarf – Aritzia | Bag, fleece jacket, dress, and pants – Uniqlo

Really embracing my cozy mom aesthetic, but still trying to make sure that I feel like me, means a sharp turn back to all-black outfits. I’ve always felt like layering hits differently when outfits are monochromatic, and I have to say, these photos bring me a lot of joy.

Hat – Uniqlo | Coat – Aritzia (Powder Parka) | Pants – Reigning Champ | Socks & sneakers – Nike
Hat, fleece jacket, vest, & bag – Uniqlo | Scarf – Aritzia | Pants – ZARA | Boots – Blundstone

I know these aren’t spectacular outfits (are any of my outfits ever really spectacular?), but something about them made me feel like pre-pandemic/pre-baby Kate, which I haven’t really felt in a long time. With the exception of one of these photos, Miles was with me every time, but to me, these don’t read “Mom on an errand,” which is ironic, ’cause I’ve dubbed myself “cozy mom.”

The point is, I just felt really good.

Coat – Aritzia | Track jacket – Adidas | T-shirt – The North Face | Pants – Zara | Boots – Blundstone

Oh man, this post makes me miss the other black coats I have in storage!

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