The many faces of Miles.

I once read an Instagram post from Eva Chen that said something along the lines of, “dress your kids in all the hilarious costumes before they’re old enough to protest.”

Although 2020 has effectively cancelled trick or treating and most Halloween events in Toronto, I was not cancelling costumes—at least not for Miles. I skipped the family costumes this year, ‘cause Kane and I are too tired and sleep-deprived. We’ll give it a go next year, hopefully! To make up for our lack of group costume, I decided I would dress Miles in as many costumes as I could, which turned out to be three.

Perhaps I should also preface this by saying that I am well aware that my Photoshop job is subpar at best. By no means am I trying to pass these off as good edits. I just wanted to really set the scene, since Miles isn’t exactly the most mobile at the moment.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Babies in costumes are second only to dogs in costumes, in my opinion. Unfortunately, Pablo isn’t really a costume kind of guy, so poor Miles had to take one for the team.

Here, Miles is dressed as the number 1 cause of millennial debt, and inability to invest in real estate:

And here he is again, dressed as one of the most famous four-legged creatures in animated history:

Last, but certainly not least—Miles dressed as Miles (Morales):

Really excited to dress him up next year. Maybe I’ll try and stick to a theme next time.

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