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I took my kid out for his first, real brunch date.

I felt guilty and selfish, ’cause PANDEMIC, but for a fleeting moment, it was (I hate to say it) nice to be out again, doing something that used to be a regular, albeit luxurious, part of my pre-baby and pre-pandemic life.

Of course, brunch during a pandemic wasn’t normal. We ate outside, on a patio—not because it was cute and the weather was nice, but because frankly, I am nervous about indoor dining situations. I also wiped everything down before I ate, and left my contact information with our server, so that I could be reached *just in case*. There also wasn’t the usual after food chit chat. Once we finished our meals, we basically asked for our bills immediately, paid, and left.

Another notable difference was how brunch has become a bit of a challenge now that I have a baby. Miles was very chill the whole time, thankfully, but he was also hungry, so I had to feed him while I ate. I can’t say that the multi-tasking was super fun, but I suppose the alternative could have included some sort of meltdown (from either one of us), so I can’t really complain.

Honestly, I don’t know that I will be doing that again any time soon, and absolutely not with any sort of regularity. I would still prefer the safety of our apartment and meal delivery. If you were thinking about going out to eat though, I don’t necessarily want to discourage anyone, because I did have a generally good experience, and I’d like to support small businesses however I can. I do, however, want to encourage you to tip your servers well if you do go out, and at the very least, be extra kind/patient!

Have you gone out to eat/for drinks since restrictions were lifted? How was your experience?

Outfit details:
Hat – Nike
Blazer – ZARA [similar here]
Bag – Uniqlo
Shirt – Aritzia
Pants – Nordstrom [similar here]
Shoes – Nike

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