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Give me one good reason

This dress didn’t really get to live the life I intended for it, as I talked about HERE, but it wasn’t actually a maternity dress—I just wanted it to be one.

We don’t get out much, so there haven’t been any occasions to get dressed up, but I’ve been trying to put more of an effort in, especially when we get the odd, not-too-hot day, or when we go out for our iced coffee walks with Ketzia. This has been a recurring event in my social calendar, slash, the only event on my social calendar, and that’s as good a reason as any to dress up, right?

I’ve always been such a proponent of casual dressing, but when your day-to-life takes a hard turn into milk-stained pjs, nursing bras, and an infrequent shower schedule, I no longer believe that one should have an occasion to get dressed up. Dress up for the grocery store, or for walking the dog, or while you wfh. Do it ’cause it feels good. Do it for me, your un-showered friend, that I may live vicariously through your #ootds.

And truthfully, I just love an all black everything look with our all-black stroller.

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