Who is she?

Shoutout to my favourite husband.

It’s the same, age-old tale: I’d been wanting to get my hair done since before Miles was born. I thought that perhaps after I gave birth, I could take a day and *treat myself* to a mom’s day out. Then we were struck with a global pandemic and no one was going out for any reason. Womp, womp.

With certain restrictions being lifted, and businesses like hair salons opening up, I thought I might want to try getting my hair done. However, now I just did not want to leave Miles, ABSOLUTELY would NOT take him with me to such a long and potentially chemical-filled appointment, and generally felt guilty about spending the $$$ because of the aforementioned baby, pandemic, etc.

However, about two weeks ago, as I was trying to figure out what to do with myself, Kane basically just told me to g’head and get my hair done. “His treat,” he said. The clouds parted and the cherubs broke out into song!

Long story short, I booked the appointment and got my hair done yesterday!

I went to my tried and true salon inside the Eaton Centre, because I’ve never been let down there before *knock on wood* and I am always happy with their pricing. After showing some of the ladies photos of Miles (of course), we got going, and BAM! I am a new woman.

The most notable things from this experience was how hard it was to leave Miles. I mean, this was the first time I’d done so since he was born, but still. It was only a few hours, but I really and truly missed my kid. I had to stop myself from checking in on him and Kane constantly, although Kane was nice enough to go ahead and send me many photos, unprompted.

It also occurred to me that while it was WONDERFUL to have some time to myself, I couldn’t truly relax. Not because I was worried about Miles—he was with his dad, and Kane knows what he’s doing. It’s just that I have just had Miles (sometimes literally) strapped to me for months, and it felt so strange to be without him.

Oh, and scalp massages are such an underrated luxury. I highly highly recommend.

Alright, so sorry. I still haven’t show you my hair! Click through for the ~big reveal~


I said I wouldn’t do it anymore, but would I be me if I didn’t renege on something like that at a moment’s notice? Thanks so much to the amazing Bopha, who indulged me while I interrupted her work with all of my baby and pandemic chit chat. Also glad she made the executive decision to bring up my colour closer to my roots than we originally planned, since she figured I may not be able to stop by for a touch up for a while. Spot. On. Haha.

Now here’s a cute close up of that dimension!

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