life style

Highs and lows

Hi, just over here learning that every day with a baby is a roller coaster ride.

One minute, you’re feeling more and more comfortable and confident about your parenting skills; thinking that you’re really getting the hang of it. You get so comfortable in fact, that you take a few moments to shoot a cute outfit you put together while your baby naps.

The next minute, said baby wakes up, so you think, “I’ll just have him in the photos with me! We can spend more time practicing having him in his carrier!”

And then, just as you’re feeling REAL good, your baby unleashes a monster poop that goes up his back, and a bit on your once pristine, white blouse.

Having a baby has been humbling, to say the least. You realize very quickly how little you actually have control over, well, anything!

I knew that once Miles arrived, our lives would get a little crazy, and I wasn’t wrong. Just trying to take it day by day, finding humour where I can. It also helps that after I got him all cleaned up, he shot me one of his little smiles, before promptly passing out again and looking like a little sleepy angel.

I swear babies are masters at emotional manipulation. There is no one else’s shit I’d happily clean up in exchange for a smile.

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