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Going solo

Today felt like SUCH an accomplishment.

Not only did I get to shower today, I also got Miles and I in matching outfits—mostly so I could capture a cute #ootd—and I even put on lipstick! Sure, my hair isn’t styled, and my outfit is basically a sack, but still. This is the first time I’ve felt like “the old me” since having a baby, so I made sure to document and publish. Oh, I even had half a beer today!

I also managed to take Pablo out for a walk, with Miles in tow, all by myself! This is an especially big deal for me, because it was the one thing I was really nervous about having to do on my own. Fortunately, I am pretty much completely healed at this point, so managing an excitable pup is more, well, manageable.

To say I’ve been nervous about going it alone once Kane goes back to work would be a HUGE understatement, so this afternoon’s successful walk was a real confidence boost for me. I know that not every day is going to go this well or feel this good, but that’s exactly why I’m making sure to savour each little win, to remind myself of that I can actually do this, when I feel like I can’t.

I also plan on taking as many cute photos of us as I can, before he’s old enough to protest or refuse. Bonus points for matching outfits!

That’s it. That’s the post.

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