Missed (outfit) opportunities: Pt. 2

One of my favourite, pre-pregnancy outfits still “fits.” Just don’t zoom in on those buttons, though.

I’d planned on publishing this outfit before Miles was born, but then I was induced, had a baby, and forgot all about it until just now.

I used to joke that this onesie would make for a great maternity outfit because of how oversized it is, and I was absolutely right! Unfortunately, this is another outfit that the weather didn’t really permit me to wear out. Now the weather’s getting warm, and while we’re under quarantine, I’m starting to feel physically better and warming up to the idea of going out for walks. Hopefully this means I can wear this out for real this time, and with Miles in tow!

This outfit is probably going to be a good nursing outfit too, if I get around to breastfeeding in public. I suppose that means I’d have to be out for more than five minutes at a time first.

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