Missed (outfit) opportunities: Pt. 1

Okay, all of this social distancing is starting to bum me out.

Today was supposed to be my last official day as “shop mom” at HeartStrong, before I become a mom, IRL. I had hoped to go to dinner with my gal pals, maybe say something mildly sentimental, and then cry about it, ’cause I’m pregnant. All I know how to do in reaction to any kind of feeling is cry right now.

If I was going to be out and about today, I’d have to liked to wear something ~special~ which basically means no sweat pants, especially with my potential dinner plans.

So, I decided to wear the outfit and take the #ootd photos on my balcony, since I’m not going to go out any time soon.

I’d bought this set from Uniqlo (in grey, and black) so that I’d have something cute and comfy—and even a little professional-looking— to wear to teach this spring. However, campus closed last week before the weather warmed up, so it seems I’ll have to muster up the energy to go for a walk with Pablo and Kane, and wear this out, if I ever wanna wear it public while I’m still pregnant.

Guys, I just miss getting dressed up to go outside. I think I’ll have to start dressing up for my weekly checkups, since that’s the only real time I spend out in public.

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