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2019 “Top nine”

I’ve always thought that looking at my InstagramTop nine of X year” was silly, although my vanity has almost always won over just enough to make me check, but not post, the results. This year, however, I’m posting because aside from a photo of me and a burrata pizza, there seemed to be a solid theme this year: family.

Kane and I really jumped into a lot in the last three years: engagement, marriage, a puppy, and now, a baby on the way. Who told us to press fast-forward on our lives like this?!

Are we stressed? Sure. Are we scared? Terrified, actually (at least I know I am). BUT, as time goes on, I am also starting to feel excitement, ’cause not only are we welcoming a new person into our family, like we welcomed Pablo almost a year ago—we also made someone new, from scratch!

If I had to choose a resolution this year, I suppose it would be to be more present. Time feels like it is speeding by, and there are so many moments to savour, and I just don’t want to miss anything. I’ve been trying to really take in this pregnancy day by day, while still enjoying pre-baby activities I enjoy, like going to eat at tiny restaurants and occasionally staying out past my bedtime.

I’ve never really been a New Years-y kind of person, but I suppose I’ve also never had so much to look forward to before? Can’t wait to see what this next year will bring!

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