Class is in session. Or something like that.

Okay, so two things:
1. Say hello to the (partial) view from our new apartment!
2. I got a new job!
In addition to my social media gig(s), I am now also a part-time instructor at Humber College. I can’t even tell you how cool this is, as being a professor has always been a dream job of mine—next to being the next Mariah Carey.
I’ve been working from home for almost a year now, which is why I haven’t been blogging as much. It seems kind of silly to blog about what kind of pyjamas I’m wearing every day, so it’s been kind of difficult to get inspired to get dressed and style myself. However, now that I have to get in front of a classroom full of students, I have to look presentable, so look out for more #OOTDs.
Outfit details:
Blouse and shoes – H&M
Pants – ZARA
Bag – GAP

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