Haven’t posted an OOTD blog post in a while, ’cause I’ve just been a sweaty mess.

If you live in Toronto like me, you know that it’s be HOT AF lately. Taking outfit photos doesn’t quite work when you’re either tucked away at home where there’s air conditioning and sitting around in your underwear, or outside sweating through all of your clothes. Things calmed down a (tiny) bit recently, so I felt cute enough to get some outfit photos the other day.

The heat has been so bad, that it’s been a real challenge to wear my usual all-black uniform, so I’ve been opting for lighter fabrics and lighter colours! Mostly white, but still, quite the opposite of black. NOT complaining about this weather, though. I’ll take this over cold, winter weather any day!

I also feel like a lot has been happening in our lives lately (some of which I will share with you soon, ‘duh) so the blog has taken a backseat to work and life and all of that stuff.

Outfit details:
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Lipstick – “Lady Danger” by MAC
Shirt, pants, and sandals – GAP
Bag – Longchamp

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