APRIL 9, 2018.

They’re here! They’re here!
As promised, here are some of the photos from our spur-of-the-moment nuptials. That’s still kind of crazy to say/think about, because I really didn’t think we had it in us to be THIS spontaneous and romantic in this way, but here we are!

Just wanna quickly send a H-U-G-E shoutout to our wedding photographer, Kat Rizza, for not only coming through on such short notice, but also for capturing our day so beautifully. Kane and I had a great time re-living everything through these photos the other day, and we’re so happy we have these to share with our family and friends! Also, thanks to the Berkeley Bicycle Club for opening up their beautiful venue for us to shoot our wedding photos!

I’m not certain, but it’s possible I was making this face during “for richer, or for poorer,” ’cause lord knows we’ve been broke AF and still managed to power through life. Hoping that’s a good sign for the future—and that maybe we’re entering the “richer” part everyone keeps talking about. HAHAHA.

This is one my personal favourites, because it’s classic Kane, being hyper-aware of lipstick that absolutely has NOT transferred onto his lips (thank you MAC “Lady Danger”!) and making sure to wipe it off after our first kiss as ~husband and wife~.

OF COURSE, it wouldn’t be our wedding photos, if we didn’t take a requisite squad pic:

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