Kane definitely made a joke about these shoes.

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s to “never say never”—even though that very word appears in my blog name. I’ve embraced quite a few styles over the last few years that I adamantly declared I would never partake in, like sweat pants as outside clothes, head-to-toe colour, and even going blonde! It should have come as no surprise to me that I’d somehow come around to another style I said I’d never wear: the Birkenstock-esque sandal.

Listen, I’m training for my second half marathon, and my feet have been taking a beating. I’m also just getting older and trying to reconcile my love of fashion and love/necessity for comfort in the things I wear. To be fair, I’ve never been a high heels kind of gal, but my feet have been especially uncooperative this year, and I’m not going to deny them the comfort they so clearly desire.

I should also mention that while these sandals look like Birks, they’re from Steve Madden, and have a fun pearl buckle detail that make them a little less granola, as far as I’m concerned. Also, they were on sale for $30 at Nordstrom. To be quite honest with you, I’d never have purchased them at regular price, because it would feel like admitting defeat and surrendering to sensible footwear, when I’m not entirely ready to do that yet.

When I got home from the mall after purchasing these babies, I tried them on with a few things and realized that they are hella versatile! You may actually be seeing a lot more of these guys on my Instagram #ootds. If you want to take a closer look or buy these sandals for yourself, HERE is the link for them on the Nordstrom website. They’re coming up as a little more expensive than what I paid for them, so perhaps try and check them out in-store first? Not really sure why there is a discrepancy there.

Outfit details:
Sunglasses – RayBan
Blazer – H&M
T-shirt – Uniqlo
Shorts – Forever21
Shoes – Steve Madden
Bag – Banana Republic

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