I’ve got to tell you, this isn’t going well.
It started with the wedding, and then came Spring—the season that I absolutely knew would be the hardest for me.

When the weather gets warmer, I get excited and want to wear flow dresses, fun sandals, etc. It’s as if I have a boho alter-ego who only comes out during the warmer months, and wreaks havoc on my bank account. The relief of not having to save up for a wedding hasn’t helped me, either. Although I have shopped, I’ve found that #noshopping2018 really did make a difference. My shopping habits have definitely changed. I’m not as impulsive when it comes to sale items. Exhibit A: this photo.

I came across a pair of FENTY creepers that I have been coveting forever, and they were on sale for $70!! I tried them on and while they fit, they were a smidge too tight. Old Kate would have just sucked it up and bought them anyway, but I summoned all of my self control and left them. I’m also more conscious and honest with myself about how much I’m actually going to wear something before I buy it. And, while I was always pretty good at mentally cataloguing my wardrobe to see if a new potential addition would be a good fit, I feel like this challenge has made me become even better at it.

Let’s not pretend like I didn’t fail this challenge, ’cause I absolutely did. However, I did develop a lot of good habits too, AND I’m still saving $$$, which was the whole point of this challenge in the first place. If you’re still working through the challenge, I commend you! I’d like to pick up this challenge again, or maybe just give myself a strict shopping budget. However, for now, #noshopping2018 is a bust. *womp, wommmmp.*

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