I had a very Instagram-able day.

After some (actually, a lot) of wi-fi issues in my apartment, I abandoned all hope of getting ahead with my work and just left. I met up with my cousins for what turned out to be a bunch of miscellaneous activities that all turned out to be very worthy of the ‘gram.

Everyone is so busy all time, and finding time to just hang out can seem like a chore, but I’m always so happy to hang out with these kids, especially because we live on opposite ends of the city. Perhaps it’s because Kane and I are making plans for the future, so I’m feeling kind of old, and like I want to cherish this time in my life when my free time is still actually free time—but being with friends and family has become more of a priority than usual, and I’m also working on curbing the feeling of guilt I got when I’m not doing work, even though I don’t need to be doing work.

Being a freelancer is great, but when you set your own hours and work from home, it can be very easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough, even when you’re doing a heck of a lot. This is why I’m trying be conscious of how I spend my down-time. I’d say that this day was a success, because I didn’t think about work once.

Outfit details:
Hat – Brooklyn Hat Co.
Outfit – H&M
Shoes – ZARA
Bag – Forever21

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