Wedding 1/1,000,000.

I’ve already posted about this suit once before, but in reality, I hadn’t actually gotten the chance to wear it in public yet. However, with wedding season, comes the necessity for ~fancy clothes~ and so I finally got the chance to wear this outfit. If it isn’t obvious from the photos, I was definitely feeling myself, and trying my hardest to channel Harry Styles, Prince, and maybe Elton John, too?

I once wrote about how people who attend weddings need to get out of the way of the professional photographers that the bride and groom paid good money for, so I really don’t have any photos of the bride and groom to show you (Jessa, Josh—congratulations!), but the pro-photogs weren’t trying to take photos of me, so I employed the help of my two cousins (hey, girls!) and basically forced them to take photos of me, me and Kane—and then me again.

Although I don’t really have photos of the bride and groom, I do have a few words to say about the bride, my childhood friend, Jessa. I can’t exactly remember how we or our moms met, but the first memories that come to mind when I think of her are all of the summers we spent watching soap operas in her room and making fun of her older sister while she got giddy on the phone with her boyfriend husband(!!!), and listened to romantic R&B songs afterwards. Jessa and I also enjoyed playing video games, and if I recall correctly, we once beat the whole Crash Bandicoot: Warped game. So many of my summer memories during elementary school were made with Jessa, and they were also some of the most fun/least productive summers I’ve ever had.

When Jessa and her family moved away, it was the first and only time in my life that I really wanted to live in Mississauga, just so she could live near me again. *Buh-dum, chhhh*

Now, we’re a couple of old, married ladies, and I’m so happy to have been a part of her big day, even though she’s low-key pissed she wasn’t a part of mine. Hahaha.

Outfit details:
Suit/blouse – H&M
Lipstick – MAC in shade “Whirl”
Shoes – JOE Fresh

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