Kane and I went on a “mini-moon” and walked like, 50km.

No really, I checked my health app, and in three days, we walked 50km all over Montreal.

To celebrate a month of wedded bliss, Kane and I hopped on a bus for a quick weekend away.

We decided to go to Montreal, because we’d been there once before —during the cold, cold winter— and we didn’t feel like we got to enjoy our time there. A friend of ours gave us a S-I-C-K list of restaurants and bars to check out, and we had a great time walking around and eating and drinking our way through the city.

Some of our favourite spots from that list:
– Faberge, for brunch.
Poutineville, for their smashed potato poutine, which was very delish.
La Banquise, for late-night poutine. Actually, they’re open 24hrs, so any time of day, really.
Bar Henrietta. Make sure you order the mousse de foie, then thank me later.
Beauty’s. This gets an honourable mention, because we didn’t actually get to eat here. However, the line was poppin’, and the food looked delicious.

One of my personal trip highlights was getting to ride La Grande roue de Montreal, because:

a) I managed to survive the ride
b) I’d never been on ferris wheel before, and it was fun to ride one that didn’t look like it may fall apart at any moment. *Ahem* Rickety ones I’ve seen at various carnivals *Ahem*

Mini-moon or not, it was really nice to skip town and get away for a few days. Sometimes, a stay-cation just doesn’t quite cut it, and exploring unfamiliar cities is just the kind of thing you need to do to feel refreshed and recharged.
Here are some of the miscellaneous photos I took while we were away, in no particular order. We took quite a few more, but we used our polaroid camera, which isn’t the most web-friendly means of photography.

The only problem with any small trip, is that now I have the travel bug! Where are some of your favourite places to visit? I need suggestions for places to daydream about before we’re able to go to another vacation. Perhaps your suggestions could also be our ~honeymoon~ destination.

BONUS CONTENT: Photos of Kane from behind, because that’s the only time he doesn’t complain about me taking a photo of him.


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