That’s what my cousins call me when I wear hats like this, which is always. I’m just embracing it now.

Alright, so the last time I posted, I announced that Kane and I eloped. In more frustrating news, we were hit with a casual ice storm (in APRIL) on the day that Kane I originally thought to elope, so talk about dodging a very icy bullet.

The weather has since cleared up, sort of, and now we’re in “April showers” mode in Toronto, which I won’t complain about, because at least it’s not snow.

I took these photos the other day, when weather cooperated and it was actually sort of warm out. I saw people dressed in all sorts of summery outfits, including one woman who was in a spaghetti-strap dress, sans jacket! Listen, I totally get it—it’s been a L-O-N-G winter. However, it’s not actually summer weather yet, so I feel like I can’t quite get into summer attire. Sure, I’ve skipped a scarf, a winter coat, and gloves, and I’m also showing off a bit of ankle now. Even when the weather’s super nice, I still can’t shed all of my layers yet, because it isn’t actually summer. Am I the only one? Am I just not Canadian enough?

I feel like the moment the weather warms up, people get into full-Canadian mode and basically start living in shorts and flip flop once it goes above 8 degrees celcius. My best friend told me about a Scottish saying that goes something along the lines of, “Don’t take all your winter clothes off until after May.” (Sorry I butchered that, Amanda). This seems like a good rule to live by, even when warm weather tempts me to skip the leather jacket and opt for a t-shirt. Does anyone else have a “no summer clothes until summer” rule they adhere to, in case of insane Canadian weather?

Outfit details:
Hat – Brooklyn Hat Co. via Free People
Lipstick – Pat McGrath, Matte Trance Lipstick in “Obsessed”
Leather jacket – Danier Leather
Hoodie – H&M
Coulottes – ZARA
Sneakers – Adidas

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