On Monday, April 9th, Kane and I casually met up at City Hall and tied the knot. We’re married, baby!

As most of you know, we got engaged this past October. We’d originally planned to get married next June, and began planning a wedding. Let’s just say that wasn’t the most fun we’d ever had. Actually, it was the absolute worst, and between budgets, venues, guest lists, and the finer details of wedding-planning—we’d more or less had enough.

Honestly, we both love weddings. We were really looking forward to sharing the day and the occasion with our family and friends. I’d found a dress, we just found a venue we both liked, and we were more or less ready to get the ball rolling for real. However, over time, we found ourselves arguing about small details, and bigger ones too, I guess. We both wanted to get married, but planning a wedding was putting a strain on us that we hadn’t at all expected.

We knew that there would be a certain level of stress attached to planning a wedding, but oh man, did wedding planning put us through the ringer. I think for us, the root of the issue was that there are so many things we want to do in the future, but it felt like saving up for a wedding would delay everything by at least a year or two, and we just didn’t want to wait that long!

The week before we got married, we questioned why we were letting the stress of wedding planning get to us, when all we really wanted to was marry each other and start our lives together already. So, we decided that we’d get the show on the road about a year and a half ahead of schedule, and get married the following Monday—on our 7th anniversary.

Once we shook on it, it was all systems go! We had just five days to pull everything together,  so we called our parents, told them our plans and got started. For what seemed like the first time since we got engaged, Kane and I were excited. We were finally experiencing the fun everyone was telling us to have while planning a wedding! It also helped that everything just sort of fell into place. First, our angel and new bff Kat Rizza was able to shoot our ceremony, even on such short notice, and we cannot thank her enough. It took a few (well, a lot) of trips to various malls, but we got our outfits sorted. Even my bouquet and Kane’s boutonnière came together quite nicely, and we figured out our ring situation in one afternoon. Even the boring stuff like getting our marriage license (!!!) took way less time than we anticipated.

I had an impromptu slumber party the night before our wedding at my best friend’s house, where we watched so-bad-they’re-good movies and ate chips and guacamole. It was kind of funny to not see Kane before the wedding—we’re almost never apart, and I wholly expected we’d be hanging out doing our usual thing the night before our big day. There was definitely some humour in doing this semi-traditional thing amidst a very non-traditional event we were planning.

Then, in a flash, it was Monday, and I was heading to City Hall to meet my groom. I had to make one more stop at the mall, because in my nervousness/excitement, I’d forgotten to pack up any lipstick. Me! Just one small error to shake things up, I guess. I went with an all-time fave, MAC’s “Lady Danger,” of course.

Done and dusted. Now we’re married!

The whole day was filled with jokes and nerves and so much love from our family. While it was a surprise to almost everyone but our parents — and two of my best friends, everyone we’ve told so far has been so supportive, and we truly do not know how we got so lucky, having such amazing people in our lives.

We’ve turned the page, and now we’re starting the next chapter. Husband and wife! It still feels so weird to say! I’ll post more (photos this time, less words, I promise), when our wedding photos are ready—but for now, that’s it! We. Are. Married.


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