Three months down, nine more to go!
Believe it or not, March was actually pretty easy. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this now?

If you’ve been following along on my #noshopping2018 journey, you might know that there are certain exceptions to the rule when it comes to what I can/cannot buy. For example, I can’t buy myself a hat, but I can pay to have my hair done, which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago, at The Loft. I got a little touch up on my balayage, which, I’m not going to lie, cost a pretty penny, for someone who still cuts her own hair, but my goodness was it ever worth it! All of my ashy-toned “bronde” dreams have come true!

After a few failed attempts at getting the haircut/hair colour I wanted from various salons, I really do think I found my forever spot at The Loft. The staff are great, they keep my hair expectations in check and keep it real with me, which I LOVE, and I always leave feeling fresh af.

Aside from my hair splurge, and some brunches here and there, I’m still on track. It feels great to be sticking to it. I honestly thought that March was going to be hard because I love shopping for spring clothes, but since the weather has been total crap, it hasn’t been as tempting to buy new shorts and sandals as I thought it would be.

To all of my #noshopping2018 friends: How’s it going? If you’re struggling—try to stay strong! It’s not as difficult as we think it is!


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