Two months down, 10 more to go!
February was my birthday month! I am 29 years old!

However, despite being a whole-ass adult, I still had to treat myself to something, even though the whole point of this challenge wasn’t to buy anything unless I actually need it, and we all know I don’t need clothes.

I had toyed with the idea of allowing myself a birthday purchase, and of course, it didn’t take much for me to cave. The interesting thing was that although I’d made a decision that one birthday treat would be okay, I still couldn’t justify buying the things that I was coveting. They either seemed too expensive, or not special enough to use my one purchase on. I stalled for so long, and the month flew by.

A few days before the end of February, I spotted this *real suede* jacket at H&M. It was a reasonable price, a colour that I don’t own, and well—IT WAS A LEATHER JACKET, OKAY?! I was weak!

To feel like I had any semblance of control over my impulses, I didn’t try on the jacket and I left the store without buying it. I gave myself exactly two days to think about it before I returned to the store for my birthday treat.

Honestly, when I tried it on, I was really hoping that it wouldn’t fit well, or that I’d low-key hate it, but as you can probably guess, I fell in love. I bought it, and I’ve already worn it twice. I have dubbed it my “spring leather,” and I can’t wait for warmer weather, or at least snow/rain-free weather to wear this baby again.

Oh, and in a moment of real weakness, on the last day of February, I bought THESE sunglasses. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not totally sorry, either.

Now it’s March, and the challenge continues.

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